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Our puppies


Beautiful puppies available for viewings.

Jewel is the last girl from litter J born 2/5/2017. She is a little furry mascot enjoying cuddles and playing with other dogs.

Chico is a sweet boy born on the 12/12/2016 with a lovely character, active and inquisitive. He has a dark face, no trace of grey.

Kelly is a happy and beautiful girl born 07/03/2017. Good proportions, playful but calm, happy around children.

Registered with the German IHR e.V. (International Club of Dog lovers for Dogs of all Breeds). Four generations ancestry pedigree available for viewing on request.

The puppies have reached 8 weeks of age and will have had their vaccinations, worming and micro-chips. They will come with the pedigree paperwork, vet's health letter, contract and 4 weeks insurance.

Each puppy will have a hamper for their new home including, toy, some of the feed they are used to and blanket with the home scent to help them settle in easier. Puppies are growing up in a homely environment, handled regularly by adults and children, used to household hustle and bustle and with house training started. We follow the Puppy Plan for socialisation as set out by the Dog Trust and KC.

Biewers have a beautiful, silky fur and if as the owner you want to keep it long you need to be ready to groom them regularly. The puppy style cut suits them as well. They have a happy and inquisitive character and enjoy contact with people, other pets and to be taken out.

We take pride in our dogs and the breed and care for them to reach their potential so that they have a happy life and the offspring have the best start into their life possible, are healthy and a joy to look at.

Price girl Jewel £1350, Chico £1200, Kelly £1500. Please get in touch to discuss.

If you are a caring, animal loving person interested in Biewers please call us to discuss. Email us why you are interested in this rare breed and to be added to the waiting list regarding future litters. We will can send you picture updates. No texts please.

More information and pictures available on the Amazing Biewer UK website and Facebook page.

Our adult dogs


"Disco has walked into the house and made himself right at home, he has had a little food and drink, played with his toys and is now fast asleep in his bed. Thank you so much for your hard work in breeding such a wonderful dog, M cried when I put Disco into her arms, I can assure you he will have the best of everything, especially love. Will give you updates. The gifts you supplied are great. Thank you, thank you, thank you ,xxxx.
Disco had a very settled first night, he is already house clean on his puppy pad, and has remarkable calm and contented behaviour for such a young puppy, he is a credit to your early training, M is delighted with him. Thank you x"
"Morning. Darko was a very good boy, last night - did 2 wee's on his mat and a number 2 as well. Seems really happy meeting the family. He seems to love everyone, and we love him too, He is a very clever, special boy and I'm amazed he seems so at home so quickly ... And is so happy to see anyone, he's clearly very well socialised - Thank your mum again for me."


"Just to let you know that the boys had a great first day and night, last night they went straight to sleep, no crying, we took them to pet city and we had a crowd of people round us all asking what they were and were we got them from, everyone just loved them. They were  a bit shy when we got home, but after an hour it was like they were born here, they are very happy, play fighting, cuddling up together, and sleeping on our laps, nothing scares them, well done Zofia for bringing them up to be two brave boys, you have done a great job and you can see how much time and effort you put into each pup, we could tell just by our hour visit, how dedicated you are, and thank you for all the supplies you gave us. Will keep you updated throughout the year. Thank you for trusting us with two of your little babies."