Amazing Biewer UK


Our adult dogs



Kelly - Biewer

Luna - Biewer

Fortuna - Capuccino

Maya - Chocoberry

Ginger - White Ocean Pearl Biro

Tosia - Red Merle

Samba - Biro


Chico - Choco


"Disco has walked into the house and made himself right at home, he has had a little food and drink, played with his toys and is now fast asleep in his bed. Thank you so much for your hard work in breeding such a wonderful dog, M cried when I put Disco into her arms, I can assure you he will have the best of everything, especially love. Will give you updates. The gifts you supplied are great. Thank you, thank you, thank you ,xxxx.
Disco had a very settled first night, he is already house clean on his puppy pad, and has remarkable calm and contented behaviour for such a young puppy, he is a credit to your early training, M is delighted with him. Thank you x" 2014
"Morning. Darko was a very good boy, last night - did 2 wee's on his mat and a number 2 as well. Seems really happy meeting the family. He seems to love everyone, and we love him too, He is a very clever, special boy and I'm amazed he seems so at home so quickly ... And is so happy to see anyone, he's clearly very well socialised - Thank your mum again for me." 2014


I will have had T in my life for a year in January. I knew from the moment I saw her that we were meant to be together. She is gorgeous, funny and very loving. People stop me all the time to make positive comments about her. J. 2017