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"Zofia has given the pups the best start in life, Peanut is testament to that. The love care and safe environment, Zofia provided is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending Zofia as a caring breeder who has a lot of love for these tiny baby. Peanut is happy to be brushed and combed, she has been well handled by Zofia and family. Zofia doesn't need to change a thing she has it just right. Will send more pics for you to use so people can see how she grows. Just one more thing, We are so pleased Zofia trusted us with one of her special babies."

Amazing Biewer UK is a IHR registered Biewer Yorkshire Terrier breeder and an HMRC registered dog accessories business. Established 2013.
Licensed to keep a dog breeding establishment by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

We are aiming to continue the work of Mr and Mrs Biewer and other breeders who followed in their steps to improve the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier (Biewer Terrier) and help them gain recognition in the UK.

We have chosen our stud and bitches from loving, registered, professional kennels who have achieved great results and recognition at national and international shows. The parents of our dogs hold a number of titles.
My history

My name is Zofia. I fell in love with animals in early childhood. We always had a dog in our house who was the source of much chaos and happiness. Since then I knew I will have every man’s best friend -a faithful pooch - at home as a pet when I grow up.

The first one to arrive was a beautiful Collie bitch called Hesta. Then there was Sally as her companion. Finally we were joined by a Shih-tzu - Princessa  - love from first sight. Thanks to them I have learned about  professionally taking care and breeding pedigree dogs and together we have celebrated many successes at shows. My children grew up with them for 15 happy years and we felt sad when time took them away from us...

We have been in England since 2004 and we felt there was something missing in our lives. We decided to have another dog for our family. My heart was taken by Dakar - a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppy who arrived at my home on the 22/07/2012. I knew straight away that we will have more than one Biewer in our house. He was soon joined by Anabel and Alexy and the trio grew into a joyful little crowd.

They are little dogs with big hearts

Breed information available on Dog Breed Info. Click on picture.

Registered breeder with the International Club of Dog lovers for Dogs of all Breeds

 - IHR e.V (Verein Internationaler Hundefreunde aller Rassen)