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"Hi Zofia. Just wanted to let you know we are home, the cavaliers love her, she has been in the garden and done her jobs. She has had plenty of kisses and cuddles, she took to my husband straight away, I am surprised she is not at all frightened of the cavs. We are so pleased with her she is such a sweety.You have done a good job with her you`re a caring good breeder so rare these days. We will be back for another one when you have more. I was really taken with the care you give to you`re babies. I am so grateful to you for trusting me with you little baby, I am in love with her already."

Our next litter is not far away

Waiting list and deposits

The waiting list for the upcoming litters is open.

Send us your name/number/email and short note explaining what is your interest in this breed and your circumstances to be added to the list.

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